ICMA’s Global EXPO for Card Manufacturers and Personalizers

Grow professionally and get the essential education you need to excel in the global card industry by attending the next EXPO. There is an abundance of networking opportunities, including the chance to meet top card suppliers, personalizers and manufacturers in the exhibit hall. ICMA EXPO exhibitors are global industry leaders who manufacture and supply materials and services to the card manufacturing and personalization industry.

The EXPO features a comprehensive conference program and dedicated exhibition hours, and a number of ICMA members are invited to share their expertise by delivering a presentation at the event.

“With the future in mind, our card industry members will have diverse, contemporary, and unique opportunities to explore in Tampa,” said Jeffrey Barnhart, executive director and founder of ICMA. Barnhart continued, “As always, attendees were invited to educate, learn and network while gaining valuable insight on trends and new technologies, as well as market forecasts.”

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ICMA EXPO Happening May 15-18, 2022 at Saddlebrook Resort in Tampa, FL

As previously announced, due to the US travel ban that restricts many of our international members from traveling to the US through November 8, as well as corporate travel restrictions that are preventing many from attending the EXPO in November, ICMA made the decision to move the in-person EXPO to 2022.

Stay tuned to our channels for further details coming soon.
Please email info@icma.com with any questions.