Making Metal Smart Cards Truly Smart

May 16, 2023 from 1:30 pm to 2:00 pm

Speaker: Chris Burket, Senior Marketing Engineer, TDK

In the continued effort to make metal smart credit cards truly smart, TDK will present an innovative method to provide the user tactile feedback when a transaction has occurred. This feature would be a benefit to those with diminished sight and/or in situations where ambient light conditions are a detriment to “seeing” that a transaction did occur. With the embedding of an ultra-thin piezo device that is attached to the metal layer, TDK will demonstrate that haptic devices can be implemented without the increase of overall smart card thickness and would require only a few additional electrical components once this function becomes more standardized and is integrated into the smart chips. Additionally, the energy needed to perform this function would be provided by the NFC magnetic field. It will also be discussed about the possible addition of audio feedback with the same piezo element to further assist in the transaction acknowledgement.

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