The 3 Ms: Metal, Magnetics and Modules

May 17, 2022 from 9:00 am to 9:45 am

Speaker: Chris Burket, Product Marketing Engineer, TDK Corporation of America

Chris Burket, senior product marketing engineer, TDK Corporation, will present The 3 Ms: Metal, Magnetics and Modules.

Today’s credit cards, besides being maxed out for many owners, are also in a phase of continued migration from all plastic to metal-plastic hybrids or full metal jacket smart cards. With an outer surface metal configuration, there are a number of new challenges encountered by the card maker. Some of the key challenges being: 1) the performance impact to the contactless communication range, 2) the addition of newly required materials into the card environment (eg, magnetics) and 3) the total metal card thickness vs. increased card weights.

This presentation will address these issues, along with some others, and will offer potential solutions to the “challenges” through state-of-the-art magnetic materials. In addition, a unique antenna module technology will also be introduced that will assist the card maker by reducing the layer count and card thickness, minimize variables in the manufacturing process and enable more consistent electrical parameters.

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