The Economics of Declining Card Volume

May 17, 2023 from 9:45 am to 10:30 am

Speaker: Dan Oswald, CEO, Arroweye Solutions


Over history many forms and methods of making payment supporting commerce have been invented beyond cash and coin. From the first checkbook to the creation of payment cards, the physical card has become the primary presentation instrument of choice since the 1950s whether paying at the counter or online.

Even before the industrial revolution, history is full of real-world examples across every industry of what happens when change and technological advancement meets the unprepared. As in-store point-of-sale systems fully enable consumers to embrace contactless ways to pay, what is to become of the massive worldwide infrastructure that has designed itself around the engineering, manufacturing, personalization and delivery of a physical presentation instrument over the last 60+ years?

Anyone who has been part of the payment industry for any period of time has firsthand knowledge of what happens to organizations and their products when tectonic shifts occur in the payments ecosystem. As cash migrated to check, and check migrated to card, the implications were undeniably profound. Time and time again entire worldwide industries had to reinvent themselves and adjust to remain relevant. Some made it while many did not.

While there are many predictions and opinions on what the future holds for cards, one thing is for sure—major change is on the horizon, and it will bring many challenges and opportunities alike to your doorstep that require different thinking and approaches to everything card. This session will focus on why and how the digital card manufacturing model is the primary formula to enable organizations to efficiently adapt to the realities of what is to come.

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