Top of the Wallet: The New Journey of Payments Cards

May 17, 2023 from 2:30 pm to 3:15 pm

Speaker: Jorge Lara Villalobos, Strategic Marketing Banking, S-P-S In Groupe


In today’s society, payment is changing at a very fast pace and is more and more driven by mobile and the Internet of Things. However, we can still observe that card issuers and the whole payment market are very driven by banking cards, and even more so by contactless cards.

Bank cards are still one of the preferred tools used by issuers to spread their brand image, and are used by the major part of the population when making a payment. Regarded as the easiest way to enter into a cashless world, banking cards are also the easiest marketing tool on the hands of issuers to generate a “top-of-wallet” behavior on the consumer side.

So, during this session, we will try to show how to generate this top-of-wallet behavior thanks to design and construction of payment cards. We will also try to demonstrate that customization, social recognition and innovation are the three key ingredients allowing to create something special for and with consumers.


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