How Can Smartcard Innovations Build Trust in and Boost a Digital Economy?

May 16, 2023 from 10:45 am to 11:30 am

Speaker: Cyril Lalo, CEO and Founder, Ellipse


The last few years have seen shifts in e-commerce and other payment innovations. With these innovations comes risks such as financial crime, fraud and false declines. Find out how the functionality and form factor of next-generation credit cards, which are more dynamic than ever, can deliver—in security, incentivizing digital payments and more. Trust is everything in the new digital economy—how can smartcards garner it while boosting the digital economy itself?

In this presentation, the audience will learn:

  • Key payment card statistics gleaned from tracking average spend, user experience, top-wallet drivers’ and cardholders’ willingness to pay for payment card security
  • How to garner clients’ (including financial institutions’) trust in the digital economy
  • How to instill/generate strong anticipation from cardholders
  • About new revenue models for the payment industry
  • About new revenue models for payment cards
  • How to leverage existing processes and equipment to produce a more desirable payment card that meets new standards

Attendees will come away with a better understanding of:

  • The prevalence of card-not-present fraud after the migration to EMV and the recent increase following the pandemic, including the impact on stakeholders
  • New card technologies and stakeholder implementation considerations
  • How CNP fraud and false declines impact the behavior of financial institutions
  • How payment security affects card manufacturers’ client relationships, retention and business model at large


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