Eliminating Delamination: New Technology Opportunities

May 16, 2022 from 11:15 am to 12:00 pm

Speaker: Karl Singer, President, D&K Group

Delamination (de-lam) is an age-old problem in the thermal lamination industry, especially for cards and other products requiring long-term performance or outdoor durability.  Many cards laminated with thermal films fall apart after being exposed to water or cleaning solutions.  Additional wear and tear also causes de-lam over time.

Thermal polyester laminating films are typically manufactured with a primer layer between the base PET film and adhesive. This primer layer anchors the adhesive to the film but also creates a weak point where separation, or de-lamination (de-lam) occurs. By modifying the polyester surface and eliminating the primer layer, thermal films become impossible to de-lam, even when exposed to water, solvents or physical abuse.

This session covers new manufacturing technologies and processes that permanently eliminate de-lam in cards and ID products.

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