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2019 Card Manufacturing And Personalization EXPO Keynote Speaker

Bernard Baumohl, The Economic Outlook Group


Bernard Baumohl is chief global economist at The Economic Outlook Group. Baumohl began his career as an analyst with the Council on Foreign Relations, a think tank specializing in international affairs and national security. He later served as an economist at European American Bank with responsibilities to monitor the global economy and develop forecasts. Mr. Baumohl was also an award-winning economics reporter with TIME magazine. In additional to his current post as chief global economist, Mr. Baumohl is on the faculty of the New York Institute of Finance, where he conducts seminars on how forward-looking economic indicators can help business leaders better foresee turning points in the economy. He has also previously lectured at NYU and Florida Gulf Coast University.

Bernards’s 2019 ICMA EXPO keynote presentation will cover the following information and more:

The U.S. is about to reach an historic milestone. For the first time in history the economy will soon enter its 11th straight year of growth. How much longer can these good times last? What is the outlook for consumer and business spending, interest rates, inflation and energy prices? How will ongoing trade tensions disrupt established supply chains in the world, impact operating costs and economic growth? Which countries will be the leaders and laggards in the global economy? One dynamic force that is profoundly changing how consumers and businesses act is the growing use of AI, robotics, e-commerce, megadata and blockchain technology. At the same time, global hackers are using the same technology to access trade secrets, steal personal data and sabotage economies. What urgent actions should corporate leaders take to better protect themselves from adverse economic, geopolitical and cyber shocks?


ICMA is Excited to Announce Our Confirmed Speakers for the 2019 EXPO

  • The Economic & Geopolitical Outlook: What are the Opportunities & Risks Ahead? – Bernard Baumohl, The Economic Outlook Group
  • The Greening of Card Manufacturing: Challenges and Solutions – Moderated by David Tushie,
  • How the Card Manufacturing Industry Can Benefit from Printed Electronics – Raghu Das, IDTechEX
  • Biometric Cards & Blockchain-Inspired ID Management System – Joerg Fischer, Bundesdruckeri
  • What You Need to Know about Digital Printing – James Gargus, HP
  • Innovations in Packaging Panel – Moderated by Tim Weatherill, Klockner Pentaplast
  • Contactless Payments in the U.S. – Julie Scharff, Visa
  • The Importance of Card Design to Reach Top of Wallet Positioning – Adam Wahler, A to A Studio Solutions
  • Combining Physical & Digital Technologies for Secure Identity – Mary Olson, Entrust Datacard
  • Developments Metal Cards – Heather Bock, Visa
  • The Challenges of Hiring Good Employees and Employee Retention – William Gardley, CareerBuilder
  • Success Factors for Biometric Cards – Thomas Decker, Linxens

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